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National 3 Computing Science

The Course enables learners to develop, across contemporary contexts, a range of skills, including problem-solving, creating and implementing digital solutions.

The Course also enables learners to develop knowledge and understanding of key concepts and processes and the ability to apply this to a variety of problems.
Units are statements of standards for assessment and not programmes of learning and teaching.

Each of the component Units of the Course is designed to provide progression to the related Unit at National 4.

Building Digital Solutions
In this Unit, learners will become familiar with the features of development software to build digital solutions such as computer games, animation and other applications.

Information Solutions
In this Unit, learners will become familiar with a range of applications, such as databases and web page creation software, or a range of web-based tools, such as blogs, wikis and online documents, to create, share and locate information.

Conditions of award
To achieve the National 3 Computing Science Course, learners must pass all of the required Units.