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S2 Computing Science

Pupils spend one period a week in Computing Science for half of the year. During this time they follow experiences and outcomes for Curriculum for Excellence. The topics covered whilst in Computing are:- QR Codes, Computer Systems, Multi-Media, Animation, Games Design and programming.

Pupils learn to make their own QR Codes and take part in a QR Code scavanger hunt around the school solving clues to find the next code.

In games design they create tracks in Trackmania and their own games using MyDoodleGame.

During the topic of animation pupils create storyboards and then create animations using stop-frame techniques.

Pupils learn about differnet media types and use a variety of devices to capture data and incorporate this into a single multimedia application.

Pupils learn about the components of a computer system and then source all the parts to build their own system.

Pupils learn the basics of programming using Scratch to produce short programs and games.