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Craft, Design & Technology

Craft, Design and Technology follows a number of subject strands:-

Craft and Design is an exciting subject that offers an experience which is both creative and technological. This is achieved through the process of planning, designing and making and involves pupils in all aspects of problem solving.

Graphic Communication looks at the different techniques involved in creating graphics. These include sketching, rendering, formal drawing, graphs and charts, architectural drawing as well as studying computer aided graphics and computer aided drawing.

Technological Studies allows your interest and curiosity to be stimulated. It is about understanding everyday technological devices that improve our lives and help us to control our environment. Its main areas of study are electronics and programmable control.

Courses on offer within the department are;

S1-S3 Craft, Design & Technology
National Courses in Graphic Communication
National Courses in Engineering Science
Practical Woodwork
National Courses in Design & Manufacture
Advanced Highers are available in Graphic Communication and Engineering Science.