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Enterprise In Education

Determined to succeed is fundamental to developing enterprise and ambition in our young people. In Falkirk High School, Enterprise in Education is seen as being central to every pupil's experience of school. Enterprise cannot be separated from other current major educational initiatives, as an enterprising approach is integral to every aspect of recent educational development.

Enterprising approaches to learning and teaching maximises opportunities for our pupils to make relevant connections with other subject area and the world of work. Enterprise in Education is therefore vital in preparing our pupils to move beyond school into further education and the workplace. Enterprise activities are designed to prepare pupils to succeed in a changing society; encouraging them to think creatively and set high standards for themselves. As they move beyond school, into society and the workplace, these young people will have been enabled to make a crucial contribution to the community and to the economic success of the country in the future.

Future In Falkirk

The My Future’s in Falkirk initiative is the innovative 10 year economic regeneration plan for the Falkirk area.

Falkirk is situated right at the heart of central of Scotland and is one of the best connected areas, easily reached in less than an hour by over 3 million people.

Our initiative will deliver a range of projects aimed at helping businesses to grow, attracting both companies and visitors to the area, creating and maintaining jobs for local people.

At Falkirk High School all pupils will take part in My Futures in Falkirk Lessons through Personal and Social Education Classes.

Pupils will have the opportunity to discuss the project and how it affects their prospects.

The long-term aim of My Futures in Falkirk is to help pupils realise their ambitions and dreams, whether that’s playing for Falkirk at the new Community Stadium, getting a secure job, or starting your own business.

The My Futures in Falkirk initiative will provide

more to do for young people,
a better place to live
more opportunities for when young people leave school,

Young people’s needs are a priority for My Future’s in Falkirk