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"History is a people's memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals."
-Malcolm X

As Aristotle stated ‘History teaches everything, including the future’. History aims to provide learners with relevant literary and analytical skills, while equipping them with the knowledge of the past required for making effective contributions and decisions in a rapidly changing world. It also aims to increase learners’ Scottish identity and sense of heritage while enhancing their appreciation of their responsibilities as global citizens. 

Course Content

Historical Study: Scottish

Including the Wars of Independence, The Treaty of Union, Migration and Empire and Scotland 1945-85: a changing economy.

Historical Study: British

Including The Atlantic Slave trade, the Industrial Revolution, the Great War 1914-18.

Historical Study: European and World

Including The French Revolution, Mussolini and Fascist Italy, Hitler and the Nazis, Civil Rights in USA, the Cold War.





Learners will receive regular homework and undertake regular assessments to consolidate their work and monitor their progress.

Skills for life and learning

Learners will enjoy a variety of learning experiences helping them to become more successful learners. They will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to unfamiliar situations, equipping them for the challenges to be faced in the workplace, further study or higher education. History naturally encourages discussion so learners develop as effective contributors through debating world issues that affect them. They develop as responsible global citizens as they learn about the development of societies, while building confidence through working with others.

Links to the world of work

 Due to its level of challenge, History develops high order analytical skills equipping pupils for entry to a wide range of careers. Learners who have experienced History are highly literate and analytical due to the variety of verbal, written and thought-provoking tasks experienced. Historians enter a large number of different careers; Gordon Brown (former Prime Minister), Michael Palin, Louis Theroux and John F Kennedy are/were all History graduates. History is a rigorous and fascinating subject which is highly sought after by graduate employers due to the high order skills it develops.