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Modern Studies

Modern Studies deals with contemporary issues that directly affect learners as members of a rapidly changing society. It aims to provide learners with relevant literary and analytical skills, while equipping them with the knowledge of the processes and institutions existing to allow representation within democratic systems. It tackles relevant social issues developing learners as responsible citizens. This variety of study allows them to make effective contributions and decisions in a range of settings. 

Course Content

Democracy in Scotland and the UK

Political structures, how the parliament works, electoral systems, voting and the rights and responsibilities of participation in this system.

Social Issues in the UK

Crime and Law; health, housing, education, income, employment, effects of crime on different groups.

International Issues

World Power study and/or an International Issue; detailed examination of a world power such as USA or China and/or examination of World Issue such as conflict, including the role of organisations such as the United Nations and NATO.

Learners will receive regular homework and undertake regular assessments to consolidate their work and monitor their progress

Skills for life and learning

Learners will enjoy a variety of learning experiences helping them to become more successful learners. They will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to unfamiliar situations, equipping them for the challenges to be faced in the workplace, further study or higher education. Modern Studies naturally encourages discussion so learners develop as effective contributors through debating local, national and world issues that affect them. They develop as responsible global citizens as they learn about the issues facing societies, while building confidence through working with others and arguing a point in a debate.

Links to the world of work

Due to its contemporary focus and level of challenge, Modern Studies develops analytical and decision-making skills equipping pupils for entry to a wide range of careers. Learners who have experienced Modern Studies are highly literate and politically aware due to the variety of verbal, written and thought-provoking tasks experienced. Modern Studies pupils enter a large number of different careers and it is a highly respected academic subject due to the applicable skills developed and the level of literacy required. Pupils wishing to study in areas such as Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Journalism, broadcast media, Social Work, Care or any other Social Sciences would find Modern Studies a useful choice at this stage.