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Top Tips for Applying to University

Top 5 Tips for Applying to University


1.Start early!

Don’t leave your application to the last minute – you need to have time to give it your best.


2.Do your research and choose the right course

Where and what you will study at University is a big decision. It is crucial that you know what your options are and that you make the right choice?


3.Visit an open day.

Instead of just reading through prospectuses, go and experience the University yourself. Open days are offered by all Universities and give you the chance to have a look around the University and speak to the students and lecturers. Well worth a visit!


4.Chat to other people

Speak to friends, family and teachers who have been at University or who are currently at University to find out about their experiences and advice. Speak to tutors and students at the Universities you are interested in to find out what the University/course is like. 


5.Stand out from the crowd

Demonstrate that you stand out from all other applicants. Make sure that you stand out for all the right reasons.


Good luck with your application!


Sharing Information:

The school will hold various assemblies to support pupils through the UCAS process.  There will also be significant time provided during the Skills for Learning period where pupils can work on their application and seek support from Heads of House.  Falkirk High School also works closely with Skills Development Scotland and pupils are able to seek advice about potential future career pathways from Betty Fisher (School Career Adviser).  Information will be shared in a variety of ways including through the school Infopoint system, memos to Form Tutors and through our Destinations Twitter feed.  Pupils and parents are advised to access this to gain school information as well as key tips from UCAS and individual universities.


Back-up options:

Falkirk High School strive ensure that pupils have at least 2 options available to them upon leaving school.  With this in mind, we advise all pupils who are applying to university to have a backup or alternative option in the form of a College application, Apprenticeship/Modern Apprenticeship applications, employment applications and training applications.  Pupils can seek advice in relation to these from their Head of House or the Careers Adviser.   



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