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UCAS - What to Research

Research – What to Consider

It is vital that pupils make the correct decisions when deciding what universities they would want to attend.  This is a commitment which pupils are making for at least 3 years therefore, it requires careful consideration.  Pupils should be sure that university is the pathway they want to follow before entering into the UCAS process. Below are some things to think about when starting out on the UCAS journey -


What to consider when choosing the universities that I’ll apply to?

Do I meet the entry requirements that the university demands?

Do I want to move away from home?

How far away is the university from my home?

Are there good transport links?

  • What is the standard of accommodation and accessibility like?
  • Does the university have a strong reputation?
  • Does the course and department that I’m applying to have a strong reputation?
  • Does the university have good social and recreational opportunities available?
  • Scholarships/Bursaries – do the universities provide any additional funding support such as scholarships or bursaries?
  • Does the university have suitable support for learning to meet my needs?


Which courses?

What am I interested in?

  • What would I like to do in the future?

Have a look at the career potential of each course. What jobs could you apply for after graduation? What have previous students gone on to do? 

  • How would you like to study?

Look at how the course is taught and assessed – is it assessed through coursework, or are there exams and presentations too? 

  • What type of course?

Do you want to study a degree in one subject, combine two subjects with a joint or major/minor degree, get real work experience through a foundation degree or sandwich placement?