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Our School

Falkirk High School is a non-denominational six year fully comprehensive school, situated in Falkirk, approximately 1 mile from the centre of town.

The school serves a widespread catchment area and has 8 associated primary schools: Bainsford, Bantaskin, Carmuirs, Comely Park, Easter Carmuirs, Slammanan, Limerigg and Langlees Primary Schools.

Falkirk High School's goal is to provide for the needs of all pupils, irrespective of age, aptitude and ability, in an equitable way through its curriculum, management and atmosphere.

Founded in 1886, Falkirk High School has a strong tradition of academic, musical and sporting excellence. The school has approximately 1100 pupils and 80 teaching staff.

Our Associated Primary schools

Bainsford Primary School

Bantaskin Primary School

Carmuirs Primary School

Comley Park Primary School

Easter Carmuirs Primary School

Langlees Primary School

Limerigg Primary School

Slammanan Primary School