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Prelim Exams January 2018

Prelim exams for pupils sitting National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher take place from Wednesday 10th Jnauary until Friday 26th January 2018.

Please find below a copy of the prelim timetable.

SQA Exams 2017- 2018

This years exam diet runs from Monday 30 April until Monday 4 June.

You can download a copy of the SQA timetable using this link

SQA Results

You can sign up to have early notification via text or email.

If you signed up for MySQA you'll get your results from 8 am on 8 August. Your certificate will arrive on 8 August too. If it doesn't, call your school/college immediately and they can tell you your results.



If you don't want to wait for the post, sign up to MySQA by 5 pm on 8 July, and activate your account by 20 July, and you'll be able to get your results sent by e-mail or text from 8 am on results day.

To receive your results by text and/or e-mail you'll need your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and an e-mail address.

Register for MySQA


On Results Day

If something is wrong or missing from your certificate, call the school who will contact us.

Contact our Candidate Advice Line - available from 8-11 August - for help regarding your certificate:


Useful Documents

Want to get the best grades in your exams? Then use the links to help plan your revision!