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Pupil Charter

Over the last few months a group of pupils have met with members of staff to develop the Pupil Charter. This Charter is designed to make clear how pupils in Falkirk High School can be consulted on things that affect us in the school. It also sets out how pupils think they should conduct themselves when being consulted. The Charter was put together by a number of pupils including :

Iona Roy

Katie Maxwell

Sophie Day

Liam Slaven

Claire Crease

Yasmin Johnstone

Andrew Walker

To begin with the pupils met as a larger group and came up with as many ideas as they could about how pupils should be consulted and what that consultation should look like. This led to a very big list which had to be cut down to a shortlist. The pupils then met again with Mr Allan, Mrs Haggon and Miss Walls to come up with the final list of ideas.

These ideas were then passed to Scott Neill of Sixth Year, who put together the Pupil Charter posters. These show the final list of ideas, which are :

We should be consulted on :

How you develop skills
Our clubs, activities and rewards
The charities we support
How we promote healthy lifestyles
How we learn

When being consulted we agreed :

We would listen to the views of others
We will try to reach a compromise
We will produce reasonable solutions
We will accept decisions

The Pupil Charter will be displayed in all classrooms. Alongside it will be examples of how faculties will consult us on how we learn.