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Falkirk High School Structured Revision Project

The Structured Revision Project is part of our supported study programme. Pupils who opt into this project are offered a programme of supervised study three times a week after school. During this time they have the opportunity to prepare for their exams using structured revision materials provided by departments. The sessions run from 3:30-5:30, with the time split into 40 minute study periods interspersed with 10 minute breaks. In the feedback from last year’s project, many pupils commented that this structure worked well for them.

At the beginning of the project pupils undertake a programme designed to improve their Information Skills, in order that they can make the most of their study time.

Pupils who opt into the Structured Revision Project are expected to commit to the whole programme. There will be high expectations of behaviour, attitude and effort.

Structured Revision Project

Details of this years structured revision project will follow shortly.

The project is:-


A weekly quiet time for study in a supportive and supervised environment.
Pupils in previous years have found this project hlepful in preparing for their exams.