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Modern Languages

We live in a multicultural world and through language learning we have a better understanding of people's lifestyle and culture. Studying language not only benefits your working life but makes travelling more enjoyable by getting you really involved in all aspects of a country and its people.
Courses on offer within the department include:


S1 - S2 French and Spanish courses rotated in 8 week blocks
S3 personal choice of French, Spanish or both
S4 National 3, 4, 5 (French and Spanish)
S5 National 3, 4, 5 and Higher (French and Spanish)
S6 Advanced Higher Spanish (Advanced Higher French available through Consortia)

Please follow the links on the left of this page to give you more information about the French and Spanish courses.


In S1 – S2 pupils at Falkirk High School study both French and Spanish as part of their Broad General Education. These courses are delivered in blocks of around 8 weeks each.



Pupils will always have homework activities:

  • Completing work started in class
  • Preparing for tests and assessments
  • Preparing for talking in the target language
  • Studying past papers at home to reinforce skills
  • Completing weekly language homework set by teachers
  • Exploring the study activities on the website links

Pupils should follow the links provided for each of the French and Spanish courses and complete the activities to reinforce the work they are doing in class.


In S3 pupils can choose to study French, Spanish or both languages. 

In S3 pupils aim to reach level 4 of the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes.  This will best prepare them for National qualifications in S4. 

For more information about Experiences and Outcomes please follow this link:



In S4 pupils can choose to study French, Spanish or both languages. Pupils work towards SQA national qualifications.

National 3 – internally assessed

National 4 - internally assessed

National 5 – internally and externally assessed with a final exam in May

For more information about National Qualifications, please follow this link:

As many of the components of these courses are internally assessed, there is great scope for progress, challenge and depth of learning. For example, a pupil who has achieved all the components for National 4 can work towards gaining Units at National 5 level.

S5 and S6

In S5 and S6 pupils can progress to National 5 and Higher in French or National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher in Spanish. 

Modern Languages Stars

This weeks Stars in Modern Languages are:-

S1 Blair Cunningham and Connor Spark

S2 Harris Cant and Rowan Brockie

S3 (French) Megan Lipsett

S3 (Spanish) Lana Shade

S4 (French) Lucy Dick

S4 (Spanish) Nathan Hogg